Iraqi Army troops save Yazidi family from ISIS terrorists in Mosul

Iraqi forces on Thursday rescued a Yazidi family from the militants of the ISIS terrorist group in the city of Mosul.

The source noted that during the rescue operation two servicemen sustained injuries and were sent to a hospital. Their lives are out of danger to date.

“A Yazidi family, consisting of two women and two children, was saved today. They were blocked [by terrorists] in their house for several months,” the source said.

The source specified that clashes with Daesh militants were still ongoing in several areas in Mosul, although Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider Abadi declared on Sunday the city’s liberation from ISIS. The terrorists, deployed near the Tigris River, continue to fire mortars.

On Tuesday, US-led coalition commander Lieutenant-General Steven Townsend said ISIS would likely turn to insurgency after it loses its territory and added the US military had already started training the Iraqi military to address that threat.

The Yazidis are an independent Kurdish religious community living primarily in northern Iraq’s Nineveh province.

Source: Sputnik